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Best Line

Best Line is a real network team, started from Hungary by Laszlo and Kriszta Badar Black Rain Diamond Executives in 2010, and now already expanding into 30 countries, offering a great product Soul, and an amazing business opportunity through Rain International. Attila J. Kun Rain Gold Executive brought Best Line team to Canada in 2010.

A Rain Opportunity

Rain International is not just a business. It’s a system. It’s a family. It’s a lifestyle. More importantly, it’s a way of life. That’s because our customers are our business. They are our heart and Soul - so much so that we give them a share in the profits.

There are countless business opportunities in the world, but when and how often do they pay back? When do they become truly profitable? Most other ventures require huge capital, startup resources, and most importantly, time. Becoming a Rain International Partner - a distributor - requires a fraction of those factors to get started. It involves very little overhead, and pays RIGHT AWAY - in 9 DIFFERENT WAYS!

Our Products

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